Our Services

Your partner along the journey of your mental health!!!

Stress Management

We help you to manage your stress that can be due to family, relationships, losing a job, financial problems, or any other cause through practical ways and meditation.

Motivational Classes

We offer motivational classes that can help you ease the pains of stress and think positively about negative outcomes.

Mental Health Advocacy

It protects the needs and rights of the person with mental disorders or mental illness and the rights of the general population.


Who We Are

Mental health is as important as physical health! theneurowire tries to recognize the sufferings of people and help them to find a way to a happier and healthier life. Our mission is to help prioritize your mental health and make a balance in your life. We have a team of remarkable people who are experts in their respective disciplines such as physicians, therapists,

and mindful experts who help to solve your problems of negative thoughts, stress, relationships, and many more. They have vast knowledge and real-world experience and can communicate complex information in a clear, kind, friendly, and unbiased way.

The importance of mental health is equal to that of physical health! Try to think positive as your thoughts and words will become reality. Theneurowire acknowledges people’s sufferings and assists them in finding a way to live a happier and healthier life. But how to create the life you want? We have a team of amazing people who are experts in their respective fields, such as physicians, therapists, and mindful experts, who can assist you in resolving issues such as negative thoughts, stress, relationships, and many others.


My front page

“theneurowire has helped me to reevaluate my negative thoughts, to focus on my beliefs, my ethics, my thoughts, and made me learn how to be grateful to God for small stuff!”

Ravi Kumar

“I will recommend the services of theneurowire to everyone who is not able to cope up with the stress and worries of life. I am overwhelmed by their services that helped out in many domains such as preventing worries, nurturing my relationships, doing meditation, and setting better sleep habits!”

Kratarth Gupta

“I was a total pessimist when I started my journey with theneurowire . Thanks to the team for changing my outlook and helping me to calm down especially in stressful circumstances. I have learned to look for positive things in negative situations!”

Mr. Arora



In our hectic world, we all need to appreciate that to lead a peaceful life, to get rid of negative thinking is very important. Positive thinking can be a big help in it. Positive energy appeals more positivity, in the form of new opportunities and good dealings. In contrast, lacking positive energy, we are liable to feel destroyed, nervous and withdrawn. Positive thinking can also improve our immune system. It is not fairylike and it won’t make all of our problems vanish. What it will do is to make problems seem more controllable and help us to approach lacks in a more positive and creative way. Living in the energy of love will always attract more positive energy to us and align with the highest of frequencies. A positive attitude is like a tree trunk grounded into the earth and positive thoughts are the branches that stem from the trunk. When something bad acquires we automatically blame our ourselves. The lowliness complex can also stop us from getting what we want. Thus, we have to consider our problems as the opportunity to learn new things. Now, to lead a blissful life we must have to stay away from negative thoughts, negative people and negative places. For more details call us.